PhD defenses.

Synthetic Approaches to the A74528 and Enterocin Polyketides and Catalytic Asymmetric Radical–Polar Crossover Reactions


My thesis defense will detail the new methods in total synthesis and catalysis that we have developed during my time in the Pronin lab. Specifically, I will focus on the strategies towards cyclopropane activation and alkyl-cobalt(IV) catalysis that we have employed to access novel catalytic asymmetric reaction manifolds and challenging polyketide scaffolds. Our efforts in catalysis have culminated in the development of the first catalytic asymmetric hydrogen-atom-transfer-initiated alkene hydrofunctionalization.

Nitrogen Containing Secondary Organic Aerosols: Experiments and Air Quality Simulations


Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) is a large fraction of particulate matter (PM) worldwide and remains a large source of uncertainty in global models that aim to predict the radiative forcing contribution of PM. Moreover, while inorganic nitrogen contribution to PM is well represented in air quality models, missing from models is the contribution of nitrogen organic compounds (NOC) to PM. By studying the formation and the interesting optical properties of these NOC, we may improve our understanding of how SOA can influence climate.


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